Tournament regulation

Age classes 2022

Youth cup

male and female   year of birth

Ü25                      <=96

U25                       97-00

U21                       01-03
youth A                 04-05
youth B                 06-07
youth C                 08-09
youth D                 10-11
youth E                 12-13
Mini-Mix                >=2014
After the main round the teams are playing in the A-final- or B-final-round.

Veterans cup

Under25    97-00
Over25     >= 96

Certified teams

All teams that are onganised in handball clubs or schools are allowed to participate in the tournament. 



All matches shall be played according to the rules and regulations of the IHF, as far as there are no varied or additional regulations in the tournament rules. 


Prices / award ceremony 

The four best teams in the A-final round get certificates, pokals and many other prizes. The winner of the B-final round gets also a prize. Every team including trainer gets max. 14 prizes, according to the team list.

Placements 2019

 A CupB Cup
Liga 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 1st place
IT TuS Lübeck 93 AMTV Hamburg I SZ Ohrstedt AMTV Hamburg II Die Haie I HSG Horst/Kiebitzreihe
MM MTV Lübeck I VfL Bad Schwartau I VfL Fredenbeck Lübeck 1876 TSV Pansdorf II
male A VfL Bad Schwartau TV Verl I VfL Fredenbeck Lübecker Turnerschaft TSV Altenholz
male B VfL Bad Schwartau I HSG Kremperheide Münsterdorf HTS/BW 96 Handball SG Hamburg Nord TuS Esingen
male C TuS Aumühle-Wohltorf HTV Hemer/ TV Westig Rellinger TV I SG Adendorf/Scharnebeck II MTV Lübeck I
male D MTV Lübeck I IK Sävehof (SWE) I Elektrenu SC - Ilgis (LTU) Tuspo Weende VfL Bad Schwartau I
male E HTS/BW 96 Handball MTV Lübeck I Tuspo Weende II Lübeck 1876 VfL Bad Schwartau
male under 21 TV Verl HSV Warberg/Lelm HC Turbine Lübeck 1876 TuS Aumühle-Wohltorf
male under 25 HSG Horst/Kiebitzreihe VfL Bad Schwartau HSV Wildau 1950 HSG Störtal Hummeln -
male over 25 TuS Lübeck 93 MTV Lübeck HFI India (IND) I HFI India (IND) II -
female A HSG Bensheim-Auerbach VfL Bad Schwartau HV Quintus (NED) Sjundeå IF (FIN) Sport- und Spielverein Heidenau
female B VfL Bad Schwartau Handball-Club Leipzig HC Erlangen I Lübeck 1876 SV Union Halle-Neustadt
female C Kauno raj SM- Garliava (LTU) Stavenhagener SV HSG Tills Löwen 08 I VfL Gummersbach/td> TSV Bargteheide I
female D VfL Bad Schwartau I Handball-Club Leipzig I Rellinger TV I SV Henstedt-Ulzburg IK Sävehof (SWE) V
female E MTV Lübeck I Junak Handball Team (POL) Lübeck 1876 TuS Aumühle-Wohltorf VfL Bad Schwartau
female under 21 AMTV Hamburg TSV Hardebek OSG Fredersdorf Vogelsdorf SV Lok Rangsdorf TuS Lübeck 93
female under 25 Stodo Revival 12/13 TSV Ratekau A-Force TuS Lübeck 93 TuS Aumühle-Wohltorf
female over 25 Lübecker Turnerschaft MTV Lübeck VfB Lübeck SG Adendorf/Scharnebeck -
GSG GGS St.-Jürgen Paul-Klee-Schule 1 Paul-Klee-Schule 2 Kaland-Schule -

Highlights Handball-Days

4 Nations Tournament


Don't miss the opportunity to see our 4 Nations Tournament with Youth A.

Like in the past years a Nations Cup of Youth-A National Teams will be played in parallel to the "Luebecker Handballtage" Tournament (plus Füchse Berlin, runner-up).

Sparkassen Center-Court


Sparkassen Center-Court against a historical backdrop of the Rathausmarkt.

The Handball-Days are a great spectacle : more than 5000 Teenagers from 380 Teams and 12 different Nations play to win at the second largest Handball Tournament of the world.

Side show


A broad supporting program awaits you.

In our Fun Area close to the Stadion all age groups will find many things of variety during free periods.

Partners & Sponsors